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What is Project Oasis World?

The Project Oasis World is a new genre built with a massive multiplayer online role-playing foundation. Hundreds of players will be interacting with each other in an open world freedom environment. You choose who you are, what you wear, what you drive and how you earn a living. After a long day of work, relax by attending a local dance club with friends or taking a leisurely fishing trip. You decide how to live your life.

A New World...

The Oasis World is based on a beautiful secluded chain of islands with its location unknown to the outside world. In the late 2000’s, an online community came together to form a breakaway civilization as they were fed up with modern atrocities across the globe. Soon after, a plague swept the islands taking many lives. The deciding standing council formulated a new plan to allow outsiders to become citizens, this is where your story begins…

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What Can You Do?

When joining the Oasis World, you will have options on how to earn money. Feel like upholding justice? Become a law enforcer using your training when necessary. Want to stick it to the man? Perform some petty crimes, or grow, manufacture and sell drugs. Maybe you want to take a more passive role, like supplying citizens with the food or drinks they need to survive. Enhance your skills whatever they may be to produce the highest quality product you can.

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