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Frequently Asked Questions About Project Oasis World

When is this Game Releasing?

We are launching our Kickstarter July 20, 2018. We expect to release on Early Access within 12 months of being funded.

What devices will this be on?

We will launch on PC to start. We are looking into other platforms as well.

What job roles do you currently have planned?

If the Kickstarter is successful, we are planning a law enforcer job, criminal job, agricultural role, and a manufacturing role. We will implement many more in the future, but we also want our goals to be realistic. The more funds we raise, the more jobs we can create in game.

Will there be in an in-depth character customization?

YES. This is something we are really focusing on. We realize that players want to customize their characters especially in a game like this. This includes having more than 2 genders, complexion, weight etc.

Is this game VR ready and be able to provide accessibility?

We are laying the initial groundwork to be VR accessible in the future, but as of now we are focusing on getting the game to launch. Yes, we want to provide the utmost accessibility to our players when possible.

Why are you making this game?

We want to provide a fun outlet for folks to enjoy themselves in a virtual world. We also want to provide a platform for folks who may suffer from circumstances that prevents them from fulfilling an average life. Whether you suffer from physical or mental ailments, such as depression, any kind of social anxiety, or basically anything that prevents you from doing basic activities, Project Oasis World can be used as a resource to help people live the life they want to live.

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